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I just adore flowers, I am passionate about working with them and would love to work with you creating beautiful wedding flowers for your special day.

Brodie’s Blooms will provide you with all the flowers you need for your special day, from Bridal Bouquets ( hand tie, teardrop, shower and over the arm sheaf style) through to gents buttonholes and ladies corsages. Flower arrangements for the ceremony and for the reception venue.

I understand that flowers are a very special choice and that no two occasions are the same. Every special event deserves its own unique floral design to compliment your bridal dress and your chosen venue. We will create bespoke beautiful flowers just for you.

If you have a clear idea of the designs you want and have not quite decided yet – talk to us.  We will talk to you about the style, theme and overall look you would like to achieve – whilst taking into account your budget.

To discus your personal requirements and book a consultation or for more information please call Elizabeth on; 01334653520 or click here to send an enquiry form – it will be lovely to hear from you.

Whatever you want, I am here to help you with all the design aspects from start to finish, I can start to make your floral dreams become reality.

If you are looking for favours, name cards or any personalised wedding stationary please contact us for more details.


These prices are to be used as a guide only, prices can vary due to season, individual requirements and the availability of some flowers. Fresh flowers enhance your wedding in everyway but the only floral accessory everyone will remember is the brides bouquet.

  • Shower Bouquets from £90– A bouquet of flowers and foliage that flows down from the holder, full at the top, trailing down into a teardrop shape. Usually this style is carried by the bride although, a smaller version can be carried by the bridesmaid
  • Brides hand tie bouquet from £70.00/ bridesmaids from £40.00– very popular with modern brides, this style has a natural feel that suits any bride.

  • Over the arm from £45.00 This design a style using bold flowers and decorative foliage employing a rustic feel.
  • Pomander from £35.00A ball of flowers and foliage arranged in a globe shape ball that is suspended from a looped ribbon ( usually carried by a younger bridesmaid/ flower girl.
  • Wands from £20.00 A wand with flowers and foliage, corsage style with ribbons and beads. Light weight and easy for children to carry and they can be a princess for a day also.
  • Baskets from £25.00flowers arranged into a basket with a long handle to carry.
  • Ladies corsages from £12.00 Flower and foliage assembled into a design finished with a bow beads or diamantes. Rose, Germini, Carnation, Orchid, Cala lily etc.
  • Wrist Corsage from £15.00 same as ladies corsage but on a bracelet. Various styles available.
  • Gents Button holes from £7.00A single flower and foliage assembled into a design. Carnation, thistle, rose etc.
  • Hair Flowers from £5.00
  • Ceremony and Reception flowers Flowers are the perfect way of creating the right atmosphere they are the most significant way you can personalise the space and create an ambience.
  • Register table/ Altar price from 1 1/2 ft £60.00 ( £40 per foot )
  • Pedestal arrangement price from £85.00A large floral arrangement that is elevated from the floor using a stand or pedestal.
  • Top table display from £60.00 Floral arrangement to go onto the top table occupied by the newlyweds. Flowers are focused more at the front and trailing down the front of the table.
  • Table Arrangement from £35.00 Floral decoration for each of the guest table centres.
  • Chair back/ pew end from £10.00 a small selection of flowers tied with a bow, displayed on the back of the chair or end of a church pew, please note there is a set up fee over and above this price
  • Garland from £25.00 per foot (foliage) £40.00 per foot (foliage and flowers) Long trail of foliage/ foliage and flower that can be used to decorate tables, stair banisters, fire places, arches and buffet tables.
  • foliage or flowers placed on table from £15.00 per foot
  • Wedding cake flowers from £15.00 a small arrangement of flowers like a corsage that sits on top of the cake.

red rose bridial hand tie     bridal hand tie     IMG_1523[1]

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